Another wonderful technology available is the dental laser.  There are many types of lasers, which work on the principle of amplified light emission, and depending on the wavelength of the light source, and the medium through which it travels, determines how and where the laser can be used.  Laser, which is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, has been around for dozens of years, invented in 1960.  It has had the mystique of the technology hungry public, looking for a practical use in many fields, including medicine and now dentistry.  In our practice, we have incorporated the use of a laser for the purpose of soft tissue micro surgery, specifically when precision is absolute.  One example is around a dental implant, which should never receive electrical stimulation from any source, such as an electrocautery.  Using a dental soft tissue laser in this application poses no hazard to the implant.  Another area is for the precise modification of the gums around front teeth for cosmetic purposes or for frenum (irregular tissue attachment) surgery.  Another use is for the treatment of apthous ulcers.  The beauty of this device is that the surgery is far less invasive, and healing is usually faster.