One of the most interesting dental technologies is the Intra-Oral Camera.  This is a device that enables both the doctor and patient to see on a computer monitor, in living color, magnified multiple times, the things that the doctor sees in the patient's mouth.  When the doctor does a complete examination, and sees, for example, old fillings that are broken, or teeth with cracks, or areas of decay that are visible to the naked eye, or even soft tissue problems, the camera can pick these things up and allow us to look at them together on the computer screen.  By doing this, treatment discussion and options become more interactive, because as they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words".  In addition to aiding with clarification of necessary treatment for the patient , it is often very helpful for improving insurance matters, since these images can be saved as part of the patient's permanent dental record, and enables insurance companies to visually understand the nature of dental claims being submitted.  Seeing a photograph of dental disease can be a very powerful tool in the decision making process of moving foward with treatment.  Also, being able to see before and after images can be very satisfying to both doctor and patient.